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See the sights of Saints Row in new trailer

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

The new Saints Row reboot is slated for 2022 launch. A new trailer of pre-alpha footage has been released showing the desert city of Santa Ileso at its most chill.

We can see some of the different zones. There are the outer desert suburbs that look somewhat favela-ish. The inner city appears to be bustling with life, and the rich estates on the outskirts. This is all separated by a huge lake in the middle that I really hope isn’t being polluted by the factories of Santa Ileso. People need to be dipped in that broad expanse of water, fishes swimming, and birds circling. Leave only footprints, people.

We probably should take the trailer as a bit of an in-progress build, but the streets look quite empty. Hopefully, this will be rectified by release. What do you think of this little tit bit? Excited about the release? Dip into our unpolluted comments down below!

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