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The Elder Scrolls Online’s ESO Plus is free this week

By Tom West,

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently holding a free trial period for the ESO Plus membership until October 25th, which includes access to all DLC zones, an experience bonus, and more.

ESO Plus is the subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online and it offers a huge number of bonuses for your adventures around Tamriel. It’s currently free to all players until October 25th and can be located from within the Crown Store in-game. Activating the free trial will allow you to access the following:

  • All DLC and Expansions except the recent Blackwood expansion.
  • The Craft Bag
  • Double bank space for all characters
  • 10% increase to Experience, earned Gold, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research rates
  • Double Furnishings and Collectibles for your houses
  • The ability to dye costumes
  • Double Transmute Crystal storage

The ESO Plus free trial is available to all players until October 25th and doesn’t require any credit card information to activate. Will you be checking out the premium benefits for The Elder Scrolls Online? Let us know in the comments!

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