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Deep Rock Galactic’s first season starts in November

By Heidi Nicholas,

Season 01 of Deep Rock Galactic arrives for Xbox and Game Pass on November 18th, bringing with it four new weapons, a boss-fight mission, and the Performance Pass.

Season 01: Rival Incursion will be the game’s biggest update yet, and marks its move away towards seasons instead of updates. “Deep Rock Galactic has evolved so much in just a year and a half since we launched, and entering into ‘Seasons’ represents the biggest change yet in how we bring new and exciting content to players, the devs say. “We wanted to be better at theming our updating and binding things more coherently together,” they continue, adding that Season 01 also sounds more appealing for newer players rather than Update 35, which “sounds like it’s maybe only for all the existing fans.”

Season 01 adds four new primary weapons, a new mission, new mission events, new enemies, and the Performance Pass, which is described as a “100% free battle-pass-like progression system.” The Performance Pass has 100 levels and rewards you with resources and cosmetics like paintjobs and pickaxe parts. The devs emphasise that it is free and that “charging money for the Performance Pass is not part of our current business plan.” A new roadmap will be shared after the launch of the first season, and will have a target release for Season 02, with the “most likely target” being March or April 2022.

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