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UnDungeon joins Xbox Game Pass in November

By Heidi Nicholas,

Colourful pixel action RPG UnDungeon now has a release date, confirming it will arrive for Xbox Game Pass next month on November 18th.

In UnDungeon, you need to restore order to every dimension after several multidimensional Earths collide in an event known as the Shift. Each dimension has its own God, who communicate through heralds. We play as one of these messengers, and join Herald’s Undercover Bay (known as H.U.B.) The game spans multiple timelines and dimensions, and exploration and combat will be key. The combat system in particular sounds as though it’ll be very in-depth — you can even implant different organs into the body of your herald, and if you’re not careful, enemies will steal your healing items.

UnDungeon joins Xbox Game Pass in just a few weeks on November 18th. If you’re looking for more info to tide you over in the meantime, you can check out our Xbox Indie Spotlight on UnDungeon, where we spoke to the development team at Laughing Machines.

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