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The Stalker 2 devs are using a custom teeth tool to make each character’s smile unique

The Stalker 2 developers are using a custom teeth tool to make each character’s smile unique.

In a new video showing off some of the detailed character and weapon models in Stalker 2, GSC Game World’s Zakhar Bocharov said the developers are using a custom tool to remove teeth, or replace teeth with variants such as dental crowns.

This custom teeth tool ensures each character looks completely unique. “Literally every human in Stalker 2 has a one-of-a-kind smile – or grin, I suppose,” Bocharov said.

It’s an impressive level of detail for a game we’ve yet to see gameplay for. In July 2020, GSC Game World released a target render trailer that hit the headlines. That’s below:

Then, in December, GSC Game World released an engine-focused trailer showing off Stalker 2’s tech:

There’s no release date for Stalker 2 yet, but we do know it’s set for PC and will be “a console launch exclusive” on Xbox Series X and part of the Xbox Game Pass service from launch.

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