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FIFA 22 Locker Room: What’s new this week? (October 30th)

By Kes Eylers-Stephenson,

Welcome to the Locker Room. Here, we can talk about all of FIFA 22’s Ultimate Team mode news once a week. That includes a list of the Team of the Week cards, including our chosen pick, as well as the newest SBCs and the objectives for the week.

Team of the Week

Headlining this week is the Egyptian King Mohammad Salah as a 91-rated RF, an 86-rated Dušan Tadić out in LW, and 86-rated David Alaba. Now, the star of the week — so the inform player gets a double boost — is Simone, the 86-rated ST from Fiorentina with some famous heritage. He lines up on the bench next to a very strong Ligue 1 Atal card, the RB from Algeria and playing for Nice. Arsenal’s Emil Smith-Rowe also makes it into the informs, with a solid — if unspectacular — LF card that will be a cheap as you like. It is also is very reminiscent of Mason Mount’s inform this week, out in RF.

Our Pick: Dayot Upamecano (84 — CB — Bayern)

Sorry, Salah, you are just too expensive for us. Upamecano is just a solid card: pace, strength, and tackling numbers to make your shins hurt. There isn’t much to say really, he will be starting in Bundesliga teams up and down the ladder for a while to come. So, if you can afford him, it is worth the punt. If you want the cheaper route, Dayot also has an OTW card that is lower rated than this in form. So, people are flogging the OTW for really cheap in favour of this card. Bayern’s form has been good, so go and grab the cheaper card and just wait for the guaranteed upgrades! On a side note, the Bundesliga is shaping up to be a great cheap league to invest in, with all the special cards rolling out for it. The last few weeks, there have been three good ‘uns every time! So, it might be a perfect side project, or if you just want a good place to start, then the Buli is calling.


There are plenty of cheap-ish SBCs on offer this week. We have picked the currently available SBCs and priced them, as per FUTbin‘s amazing listings. The 87-rated N’Golo Kanté Flashback card is a bit naughty, though the FIFA community seems a bit split on his shoddy pace. That being said, the total set price is set at 300k. If you have that much lying around, I envy you. But let’s be real, you can put that money into a prime Pirlo and be well happy. As of writing, you have three days to unlock the Europa League Road To The Knockouts Filip Kostić card for 30k. While his skills are 3-star and his weak foot is, well… weak, this is the kind of SBC we all love. He is 86-rated in an LM position, a position of weakness for the Bundesliga at the moment. With good all-around numbers, I would suggest picking it up and using him as a bench player on an LM in a 3-4-3. As of this article’s release, there should be another card up for grabs for SBCs, so have a little look!

Objectives and Misc.

fifa 22 locket room sbc's objectives and more

While writing, there is only one available player from objective challenges because the Rulebreaker cards are yet to be released (see above tweet!). So, Miguel Layún is a 74-rated Silver Star for the week. He heralds from Liga BBVA MX (the Mexican League) playing for América (the cub, not America America). To nab him, you just need to head to the Silver Lounge Friendlies and get three wins, eight goals, and six assists. The image you are seeing above is of last weeks Champions League Road to the Knockout cards that are now out of packs and on the market. They upgrade with either three games won or the knockout round passed, so there are some tidy investments in there. He is expensive, but Timo Werner is probably a really good pick-up, as Chelsea are one of the favourites in the competition this year. Shout out to the fact we aren’t getting Ultimate Scream cards this year… I’m saying goodbye to my customary Hakan Çalhanoğlu investment.

But what will you be grabbing this week? Any player taking your fancy? Agree with our Player Pick from the TOTW? Let us know in the comments!

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