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BioWare teases next Mass Effect game with new artwork

By Sean Carey,

To celebrate N7 Day, EA and BioWare released a brand new piece of artwork, teasing the next entry into the Mass Effect franchise.

If you were to quickly look over the image, which was uploaded to Twitter, you’d see a group of explorers walking towards what appears to be some sort of crater or hole carved into the surrounding rock. However, casting a keener eye reveals a few more details.

If we zoom into the image, we can see that one of the four explorers in the group is a Krogan wearing Krogan armour. The group is also walking over to what appears to be the body of a Geth, and if you look at the artwork as a whole, the crater and surrounding area clearly resemble that of a Geth. Will the Geth return with Mass Effect 5?

If you want to studiously peruse the image yourself, BioWare has made a high-res version of the artwork available for download.

BioWare and EA announced a new entry into the Mass Effect franchise last year with a short teaser trailer. In it, we see an Asari (which looks a lot like Liara) climbing a snow-covered mountain and picking up a small piece of N7 armour. Since then, we’ve had a few pieces of concept art but not much else on the game.

What do you make of the new teaser image? Do you think the Geth will be making a return in Mass Effect 5? Post your wildest theories in the comments below!

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