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Sea of Thieves to hold Gold & Glory weekend

By Heidi Nicholas,

Sea of Thieves will hold a Gold & Glory weekend, starting tomorrow, with you able to earn boosted reputation, gold, and renown.

“Call your crew – the Trading Companies have put together a surprise Gold & Glory weekend,” the devs say. The Gold & Glory weekend starts tomorrow, November 26th at 10am GMT, and runs until 11:59pm GMT on November 29th, during which time you’ll be able to enjoy a boost to reputation, gold, and renown earned.

Don’t forget that you can also earn some Halo cosmetics just by playing Sea of Thieves. The Spartan Ship Set can be earned by playing before 4pm GMT on December 1st, while the Noble Spartan Sails and Flag will be available from 12am GMT on December 1st until 4pm GMT on December 8th.

Will you be sailing into Sea of Thieves for the Gold & Glory weekend?

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