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Marvel’s Avengers Patch 22 adds new Klaw Raid, Power Level increase, and more

By Tom West,

Patch 22 for Marvel’s Avengers arrives today, adding the new ‘Discordant Sound’ Klaw Raid, and a host of general improvements to various game systems, including new ways to reach the Power Level cap.

Yeah, PlayStation players might be able to swing through the game using the web-slinging Spider Man from today, but Xbox still has plenty to get excited about… just not anything “exclusive.” If you need to take your lack-of-spidey-power-frustrations out on an enemy today, why not make it Klaw. The new ‘Discordant Sound’ Klaw Raid will be introduced with Patch 22 and is “unlike anything you’ve encountered before in the game.”

Discordant Sound picks up right where the War for Wakanda story left off, and sees the newly appointed Queen Regent, Shuri, tell Black Panther and the Avengers about a new threat that is heralding the return of Krawl. Discordant Sound is said to be end-game content designed to challenge the highest-level strike teams. The raid comes packed with elite enemies and puzzles that require player coordination to overcome.

On top of the Klaw Raid, Patch 22 also introduces the new Shipments system to the game, which offers fresh ways to earn cosmetic items. Each shipment contains a randomised assortment of cosmetics and resources that update on a rotating basis. The items available in each shipment can be seen before purchase, and if you open up 100 shipments in a cycle you’re guaranteed a top-tier reward. Playing multiplayer each day will also unlock a daily shipment.

For the first time in Marvel’s Avengers history, the maximum Power Level cap is being raised, from PL 150 to PL 175. With the new cap comes new ways to hit top level:

  • Omega Level Threat: Family Reunion and Discordant Sound weekly objectives have been increased to PL 150.
  • Power Level 160 now unlocks the Elite version of Discordant Sound, which offers gear up to the new hard cap.
  • Weekly objectives can be completed individually with each hero.
  • All gear PL 100+ and epic rarity or higher can now be upgraded an unlimited number of times (until it reaches the level cap).
  • The only resources now needed to upgrade gear are Fragments, Upgrade Modules, and an unwanted higher-level piece of gear. The cost of upgrading will change, depending on the desired Power Level.

You can check out all of the changes arriving with Patch 22 for Marvel’s Avengers on the Square Enix website.

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