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New Destiny 2: The Witch Queen trailer shows off Savathûn’s Throne World

By Luke Albigés,

Bungie has dropped a new trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, The Witch Queen, giving us a closer look at the daunting new destination that is Savathûn’s Throne World.

We’re getting serious Dreadnaught vibes from this creepy new setting — unsurprising really, given Savathûn’s relation to Oryx — and it looks like one of the game’s most imposing, impressive, and interesting locations to date, so here’s hoping that the variety we see even in this short teaser means it won’t wear out its welcome too quickly. Bungie is really good at generating hype with trailers like this, and this one does a typically great job, especially in setting up Savathûn as a genuinely threatening antagonist. Her voice actress is on point (shoutout to that proper witch-y cackle at the end of the trailer), so fingers crossed the inevitable showdown with this Hive god can live up to all this build-up.

Once again, we also get a glimpse at Savathûn’s Lucent Brood — Hive warriors infused with the power of the Light as used by the Guardians themselves, granting them Solar, Arc, and Void abilities, as well as the ability to revive via their own Ghost-like constructs. This should serve to set up some unique encounters, and possibly some truly nasty ones depending on how deep these chitinous copycats delve into the Light Playbook. The idea of a Knight popping Thundercrash out of nowhere is straight-up terrifying, but what if they dredge up some abilities from the first game and you could see them popping Radiance to come back from the dead more powerful than ever? The possibilities make this super interesting, and it’s something that could even be further explored after launch, so we’re looking forward to going toe-to-toe with foes who have the same powers we do as Guardians.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Pre-order to unlock the Cosmographicum Exotic Ghost Shell, The Enigma Exotic Emote, and a new emblem

The Definitive Destiny Campaign
Delve into Savathûn’s Throne World to uncover the mystery of how she and her Lucent Hive stole the Light. Learn the secrets to crafting new weapons, the new Glaive, and survive the truth within her web of lies.

New Destination
A twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor, Savathûn’s Throne World plays host to a fragile balance of power. From her palace to the swamp, all that she hides can be found here.

Weapon Crafting
Create custom weaponry with unique mod, shader, and stat combinations. Master the new Glaive weapon type and unleash powerful melee combos, projectile attacks, and a deployable energy shield.

105 GB hard drive storage space required as of November 10, 2020. Subject to change. Requires broadband internet. After November 10, 2020 see www.destinythegame.com/size-requirements for current requirements prior to purchase.

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The Witch Queen will also bring a new weapon type in the Glaive, a new six-player matchmade activity, another Raid that will take us to a sunken pyramid deep in the swamps of the Throne World, a crafting system so you can forge weapons with the rolls you want, and more. Another old Raid will apparently also be returning, with the smart money being on King’s Fall from the original game due to its significance to the story and lore behind this new expansion. It’s not all good news, though — Forsaken’s campaign and Tangled Shore setting are heading to the vault when The Witch Queen releases, so if you have any outstanding business there, you’ll want to get it sorted in the next month or so.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen arrives on February 22nd. Will you be gearing up to take down another Hive god? Let us know, Guardians!

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