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Claim a free Character Advance in DC Universe Online and unlock some achievements

By Sean Carey,

The time has come to, once again, grab a free Character Advance in DC Universe Online and potentially unlock some achievements for doing very little.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, Daybreak Games is giving all players a free Character Advance to CR310 and a bunch of other goodies. The Character Advance can be used to potentially unlock up to three achievements that would otherwise take a fair bit of grinding to pop. By using the Advance, you could unlock an achievement for reaching level 10 with a character, depending on your build, achieving level 30 in a specific movement type, and a final achievement for hitting level 30 as a hero or a villain with a mentor.

All players will also receive a Lex Corp Salvation gear suit with the Advance, Bleed Material, Episode 41 Posters (Base Items), and Episode 42 Posters (Base Items). To claim all of these and the Character Advance, all you have to do is log in to DC Universe Online before January 31st.

If you’re a DC Universe Online member, you’ll also receive a plethora of gifts for logging on before January 31st – Daybreak says they are worth over $75 in value. You will receive the following:

  • New House of Legends Lair
  • House of Legends Base Item Pack
  • Bleed Chroma
  • Member Reward Box, with (1) Artifact Cache with choice of artifact
  • Catalysts: (11) Dionesium, (6) Quantum Field Energy, (3) Paradox Energy
  • (4) Seals of Preservation
  • Artifact XP (Total: 220,000): (2) Perfected Nth Metal, (5) Reinforced Nth Metal, (7) Flawless Nth Metal, (1) Purified Nth Metal
  • Nth Metal Detector

Daybreak says that the Attack of the Anti-Monitor Event has also returned, featuring “open-world missions, the Centennial Collapse Raid, the Speed Force Flux Raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear Solo.”

How many of you were waiting on this Character Advance to complete the game? Let us know down in the comments!

Thanks to everyone who suggested this as a news tip!

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