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Xbox Series X|S sales hit 1 million in the UK

By Tom West,

The Xbox Series X and S were the second-highest selling consoles in the UK through December, raising total UK Xbox Series X|S sales to over one million.

The news comes via gamesindustry.biz, which says that the UK market saw 560,000 consoles sold throughout December, generating just under £200 million. The Nintendo Switch took the top spot, with Xbox Series X|S consoles taking second place and PlayStation 5 following up in third.

December 2021 is now the Xbox Series X|S consoles best-selling month due to the increase in Xbox Series X availability — even beating the consoles’ launch month back in November 2020. Due to the increase in UK sales, over a million Xbox Series X|S consoles have been sold in the UK to date, leading to a month-on-month sales increase of 108%.

Xbox console sales weren’t the only thing that did well in December, either, with three Xbox accessories holding positions within the top five best-selling accessories for December. PlayStations DualSense White and DualSense Midnight took the first and second positions respectively, with the black Xbox Wireless Controller coming in third, followed by the Robot White Xbox Wireless Controller in fourth, and the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 rounding out the list in fifth place.

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