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7 Games Played by BTS

As an Army, this could be the most thrilling moment. The reason is, the news of BTS ‘ comeback has been officially announced. In fact, the comeback date is now getting closer, which is June 10, 2022.

While waiting for the ‘ seven normal boys from South Korea ‘ to come back with new songs, let’s fill the time together by trying out the games played by BTS . These recommendations are based on games that are liked and played by all members.
The first game that was approved by BTS was BTS WORLD. In this game made by Netmarble, you are invited to act as if you are the manager of seven male idols who are members of a group. The main goal, which is together with seven members, trying to jumpstart the name BTS.
To achieve this goal, you will interact with the seven artificial intelligence members through short messages, phone calls, social media, and so on. This game also provides a variety of interesting features, such as Bangtan Boys stories, videos, photos, and others.
Your task in BTS WORLD is to complete daily missions and quests to earn Wings and Gems. These two things are very necessary so that you can level up and make BTS in BTS WORLD even more successful.
BTS SuperStar
The game that BTS is playing next is BTS SuperStar . This game was developed by Dalcomsoft Inc and in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, the agency where BTS is sheltered.
BTS SuperStar is a game whose concept is similar to that of piano tiles . Your task is to complete daily missions by completing the game level by level. Here, you also have to collect cards to get a higher score.
The fun thing is, BTS SuperStar uses BTS songs as a mission that must be completed. This means that you can enjoy the bias sound while playing at the same time.
Suga, V, and Jungkook approved Overwatch as a recommended game to play. This multiplayer shooter type game is routinely played by the three members while resting.
Overwatch missions are simple, just define your mainstay character, join the team, and fight enemies to restore the conditions of a war-torn world. There are many characters that you can choose from. Of course, these characters have their own strengths and abilities.
Jungkook himself had uploaded a video clip on Twitter showing him playing Overwatch. This game is suitable for the Army and you who like challenging action games .
Two members of the hyung-line , J-Hope and RM, agreed to play StarCraft over League of Legends. This statement was made on an episode of Army’s favorite variety show , Run BTS .
StarCraft is an action game genre with the main task of carrying out missions to defeat enemies and protect themselves. In addition, there will be a storyline that makes this game feel flowing and makes you curious.
For those of you who like military science fiction and intergalactic gameplay , this is perfect for trying to play StarCraft. Be careful addicted, yes!
If there is a king for the world of MapleStory, then the title is suitable for the world wide handsome hyung, JIN! The oldest member of BTS really likes the MapleStory game.
Besides Jin, V also admitted that he left the banquet just to fight the boss in this game. It didn’t stop there, MapleStory itself finally collaborated with BTS. In this special version, there are various item updates that involve elements of BTS, from accessories to skills .
This MMORPG game has a rescue mission and develops character skills . You also have to hunt monsters to get rewards so you can upgrade your character. In MapleStory, you can also interact and trade with other players, you know!
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG)
Kim Taehyung aka V announced through his Weverse account that he is playing PUBG. This multiplayer battle royale game also skyrocketed thanks to the Army who finally followed in V’s footsteps to play it.
In fact, video footage has been spread showing an Army meeting character V in this game. V did not hesitate to invite Army to play together.
PUBG itself can be played solo, duo, or squad or four. The game starts with 100 participants who must attack each other until only one player remains. The player who survives to the end is the winner. Winner winner chicken dinner !
Lion King
For those of you who want to play a relaxing game, try the children’s game Lion King. This game was played by Jin during a broadcast on his birthday. Although very old, Jin looks happy to play it.
Lion King game can be played on PC. Due to the age that is no longer young, this game may be a little difficult to find.
In this game played by Jin, you will become the character Simba, the lion in the Lion King series. Starting with little Simba, you must complete missions against enemies and solve puzzles until you grow up.

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